November 8, 2009


For more years than I can remember we have trekked to the foot hills of the Adirondack mountains and hiked up the mile or so to 9 Cornered Lake. Its such a beautiful place. The hiking is wonderful. Although it seems longer each year!! The weather was PERFECT. We went a little later in the season than we usually go so the leaves were already off the trees but the scenery was just spectacular. We hike over 2 or 3 small wooden foot bridges on the way up to the lake, the kids stop and check out everything the woods has to offer them. Including the SNOW, that had been preserved in the slats of one of the shaded bridges, from the very cold nights in the woods this time of year. You would have thought the boys found GOLD. They noticed twisted trees, trees growing intertwined, trees growing out of rocks, moss on the trees and rocks, AND THE MUD! The glorious, wonderful, best appreciated by little boys MUD and foot prints from the folks ahead of us, but they MUST have been bear paws Josh concluded, lol.
My husband has fond memories of his grandfather and Uncle taking him and his brother to the Lake growing up. He and I camped on that point on the Lake when were were dating and now we have been bringing our children there. Ah tradition nothing like you have a favorite? Enjoy the photos, oh and the walking stick we brought for my husbands uncle.....well a pic says a thousand words! Here is the card we gave him with the walking stick. The stick is made out of bamboo and is a flute and has a compass on the end, who knew! Thanks to the wonderful folks who sold us the stick and express shipped it from Massachusates.

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  1. Golly, I love this post!! Your cards are "spendiferous" and the hiking pictures out of this world!! I hope Barb gets to see them soon! Love you, you are doing a great job!