October 31, 2009

Halloween Fun

We started off with a costume parade at the local mall, then to Nana's for trick or treating, a quick visit with friends and then home. We saw that neat display of pumpkins on the way .....HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!

October 30, 2009


You have probably guessed my fav hobby by now, I enjoy making cards, altering items, stamping etc. Here is a peek into my hubby's new found hobby.......walking sticks. Funny story of how he came across this piece of wood, that's for another time, but for now here is the amazing walking stick he made from an incredible find!!!

October 27, 2009

Something Different

As much as I love making Halloween cards, paper clips and other fallish goodies I welcomed the request of a co-worker for birthday cards. I have pretty much finished up the Halloween requests and will be gearing up for a craft show in early December. Lots of Christmas goodies for that. Enjoy.........

October 26, 2009

The Simple Things

A smile, a rainbow, a tree resembling a snow globe as it looses its leaves in the warm breeze, time spent with family.....We visited Letchworth State Park, NY, recently and it was the most beautiful day! The weather was perfect, and the little guys had a ball, the big guy too.

A simple gift idea as well. I have been filling orders for jumbo paper clips this weekend. Hope you also enjoy the simple things in your life.......

October 14, 2009

Feather Your Nest

Check out Terri Conrad's blog and you could WIN. Her site is inspiring and one of my favs.... http://terriconraddesigns.typepad.com/terriconraddesigns/2009/10/were-off-to-see-the-wizard-.html

Winter Wonderland

Love this little stamp from Sugar Nellie!!!! She's my fav. Feeling like winter here in NY....brrrrrr

October 10, 2009

Candy Canes

Yum I can just taste them.....with hot chocolate after sledding or tree trimming. Presentation is everything, and this packaging from Philosophy is just yummy. PS I bought 3 of these for gifts last night, or I may only give 2 away!!! :) Enjoy.

October 9, 2009


Love the Sugar Nellie stamps, here's a little Christmas joy for you today......I made this for the latest Sugar Bowl Challenge.

Under the weather

Yep its FLU season. Home recuperating, but wanted to post these. I didn't feel good Wednesday but couldn't miss Bubby's trip to the pumpkin patch with his daycare........it was rainy and windy and COLD.....but so worth it :)

The BE HAPPY card was inspired by the gorgeous stuff Melissa Phillips creates, check here out if you haven't already. BEAUTIFUL stuff!!! http://lilybeanpaperie.typepad.com/lilybeans_paperie/

October 6, 2009


The Sugar Nellie stamps are some of my favorites!! I love the colors and I can just hear her giggling as she jumps over the mud puddles.

October 4, 2009


We set off to the pumpkin patch Saturday in pursuit of the perfect pumpkin, if their actually is such a thing, and we came home with 10! Not sure one is any more perfect than the next they were all just right for us. Just like kids I suppose, they are all so different yet each one just so perfect.
On Sunday we attended an annual BIG TRUCKS Show in a local stone quarry, yep our boys looked forward to this all week! Our 5 year-old looks forward to this event each year. We first went when he was turning 2. Needless to say the little mud lover says its his favorite day of the year. We bring puddle boots, changes of clothes etc. This was the 2 year olds first Show and I believe the picture speaks for itself...........I managed to make a few more butterfly cards after the exhausted fellas hit the sheets, daddy is asleep as well. A local newspaper reporter said Josh looked so free in the 'mud puddle', as she snapped coutless pics, maybe he'll make the local newspaper, he's becoming quite the little celeb, more on that another day, but it made me think of butterflies again!

October 3, 2009


I can just hear the laughter can't you........................


I have fallen in love with butterflies lately. They are so beautiful they make me smile, enjoy these on your travels online for World Card Making Day 2009!!!!!! Would love to play with these new papers I just recieved but we are headed to the pumpkin patch today. Its one of my favorite days of the year! Hope its good weather. Fall is a wonderful season in NY.